Practical guide

When to come for a massage?
Please come on time. If you had to cancel the agreed date, please contact me on telephone number 603 965 980, preferably 24 hours in advance. Later repealed massage'll charge you 50% off for the next term. Thank you for your understanding.

What to bring?
Nothing. Everything you need is available in the massage salon.

What to do before massage?
2 hours before the massage you should not eat hard to digest foods or large portions of any meal.
Before the massage, do not drink alcohol.
Before the massage is advisable to go to the bathroom.

Contraindications of massage

In some cases, massage might contribute to the worsening state of health.

When the massage is not recommended :

  • acute conditions requiring bed rest (fever, flu, inflammation, infection)
  • in severe bleeding disorders

  • when you suffer oncological disease

  • injuries and diseases of the skin - skin sores and fungal diseases

  • when enlarged varicose veins (usually in the legs)

  • immediately after a meal

  • the first trimester of pregnancy and puerperium are not suitable for the whole body massage

Consider , then, if your selected massage is suitable due to your medical condition. If you relate to one of the points of contraindications, suitability massage consult your doctor, if necessary . In that case please provide confirmation that your doctor recommended massage.

How is the massage done ?

  1. Before your first massage will go over your medical condition ( see contraindications of massage ) with regard to the selection of massages .

  2. Prepare yourselves for a massage . You need to take off all jewelry. Woman with long hair I recommend hair clasp . For most procedures (e.g. back massage , neck , etc. ), the client leaves the bottom of the underwear. Sometimes it is better to pull the underwear to protect from an oil stain. In any case not massaged body is covered to preserve the privacy of the client.

  3. Conveniently lay on the couch and try to relax and relieve the tension. To help you listen to relaxing music

  4. The massage should never pain, but everyone is different and everyone may meet the different intensity of the massage, so we can agree to reduce or increase the pressure according to your feelings even several times during the massage - do not hesitate to ask me..

  5. In conclusion, let effect of massage for several minutes and the client will rest under a light blanket.

  6. Then slowly sit down on a massage table while you wait so that you get tangled head, I offer you a glass of water and after wiping the skin you can wear.

After the massage

  • After the massage, drink plenty of fluids (preferably unsweetened drinks - pure water, herbal tea or mineral water). Massage promotes the leaching of toxic substances from the body and to exclude the need for sufficient fluid intake (ideally at least 2-3 liters per day ).

  • At least a few hours after the massage is advisable to not to take shower. If you have a shower, do not use the treated areas of the body no shower gels, soaps, lotions, etc. - Wash with clean water only.

  • After the massage avoid excessive physical exertion.

  • If possible, take a rest after the massage.